Vittorio Ingrasci, Founder

When Vittorio (Victor) Ingrasci, founder of JVR Ingrasci Construction, migrated to America from Italy as a young adult, he brought with him an Italian work ethic along with a rich history in construction that Italians are famous for. He quickly adapted to the American culture and business environment and eagerly worked toward his dream of owning his own construction company.

After years of mastering all areas of construction, and overseeing countless residential and commercial projects, Victor felt that the time had come to realize his vision. Once that dream became reality, he hammered away at making his newly-formed small construction company into one that he is extremely proud of. Two things he’s most proud of is the solid reputation his company has earned in the community and his son Charlie’s involvement in the business. Now Charlie is the President of JVR Ingrasci Construction and he runs the daily operations of the company.

Charlie Ingrasci, President

Charlie Ingrasci began working in the construction industry for his father as a young teen. He started at the bottom and worked his way up to project manager, successfully managing several projects at a time, before taking over the reins of the company.

Charlie has a keen understanding of the industry that derives from his love for construction. He also realizes that developing relationships with his clients is the most important aspect of his business and he strives to maintain those relationships even after projects are completed. Many of Charlie’s colleagues and counterparts think of him as an innovator. He’s usually the first to employ the newest technologies and philosophies as a standard to better serving his clients. This unique way of leading his company shows in the quality of work JVR Ingrasci is known for and the exemplary customer satisfaction level.

Charlie holds a B.A. degree from Florida Atlantic University in Accounting. He possesses a General Contractor’s license and has earned many certificates by completing continuing education courses in the construction field. Also, he attends numerous construction seminars each year.


Mission Statement

JVR Ingrasci Construction will not only provide exceptional quality and service for each and every project, but will continuously strive for everlasting relationships with our family of clients. From project conception to completion, our organizational commitment is to dedicate complete professionalism to our clients and every aspect of their project. Everything we build begins with great relationships.

Corporate Social Responsibility

JVR Ingrasci Construction believes in being responsible on all levels regarding all things. As responsible members of our community, we believe in giving back to those members who are less fortunate.

We continually search for organizations and institutions that need materials and labor donated to complete projects within the community. In 2005, JVR Ingrasci Construction was recognized by the City of Fort Lauderdale as a preferred company because of our charitable efforts.

Code of Conduct

JVR Ingrasci Construction’s Core Values represent the beliefs of each individual affiliated with us. These values are the guidelines as to who we are and the products we provide and the standard of behavior by which we conduct business. These values are the heart, soul, and character of JVR. Our Code embodies the overall culture of our company and encompasses the values that have been and will continue to be vital to the future success of the Company. Our Core Values represent how we treat each other, how we deal with our customers, how we respond to our stakeholders, and how we hold each other and ourselves accountable. This is the legacy we will leave for generations to come. Read More